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Caps for Men and Women | Maison Laulhère - laulhere

THE TRADITIONAL CAP MADE IN FRANCE. Flat cap, gavroche cap, women's cap beret, men's cap, cotton, wool or leather cap, Maison Laulhère has imagined many variations of

How to wear a flat cap, a gavroche or a beret cap ?A flat cap, a gavroche or a beret cap can be worn in several ways: forward, on one side, placed on the back of the head or pushed down. Have fun wi...How to choose the size of your cap ?To choose the size of your cap we recommend you to consult the Size Guide page. You will find there a printable chart to measure your head size bef...How to clean a beret cap ?Machine washing, hand washing or dry cleaning should be avoided (consult your dry cleaning specialist if cleaning is imperative). In case of stain,...

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